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Polish Express Translations is a FAST, ACCURATE and highly PERSONALISED translation and interpreting service in the Polish and English languages.

The most important choice when selecting a translation service to handle your translation is trust. As evidenced by the ever growing list of steady clients, my translation is of high quality and the service reliable and affordable.

I specialize in the translation of Polish genealogical documents and certificates required for Polish passport, Polish certificates and educational and employment records required for recognition of your qualifications in Australia, medical translations, personal letters, business and legal letters and web site translation. Certified translations bear NAATI stamp of a professional translator and are accepted by all Australian government and administrative bodies and the Polish Consulate in Sydney.

Polish Express Translations is based in Melbourne, but provides Australia-wide Polish translation service, and clients in Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Darwin, Hobart and regional cities may receive their translation via email the same day if urgently required or by post – usually the next day, unless it is quite large or complex. There is no surcharge for urgent translation.

I also provide translation service for overseas clients, mostly US, UK and Poland based.


Polish Express Translations are owned and managed by Marek Grzelinski, a NAATI (National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters) certified Level 3 (professional) Polish translator interpreter, with a long-standing experience in translation and interpreting.

Marek is a Polish-English and English-Polish translator and interpreter. He is a native Polish speaker with more than 30 year experience in translating and interpreting in these two languages. He has Master’s Degree in Economics and spent most of his working years in international business, mainly in engineering and medical fields. For the last fifteen years he has worked as a full time professional freelance Polish translator and interpreter in a great variety of areas ranging from legal, through medical, business, community, technical and family issues.

Marek translates everything personally, taking full responsibility for the quality of the final product.




Polish Express Translations offer:

  • assistance in applying for Australian residency
  • guidance in applying for Polish citizenship and Polish passport
  • certified Polish translations of English language documents
  • language documents
  • certified English translations of Polish language documents
  • English and Polish translation of:
    – personal letters and memoirs
    – legal texts
    – medical reports
    – technical documentation and manuals
    – financial statements
    – business correspondence and contracts
    – marketing materials and presentations
  • website translations
  • proof-reading
  • editing
  • voiceovers
  • transcribing
  • interpreting in every situation, including in the courts
  • and more…


Application for confirmation of Polish citizenship, and then applying for Polish passport may be a difficult process, requiring not only translation of Polish documents, but also a good understanding of the whole procedure where the documents can be obtained, which documents require an Apostille from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and how to be sure that the set of application documents is complete. Any omissions or errors may prolong the already lengthy process. My free advice, guidance and GENEALOGICAL SEARCH may prove very helpful.
Documents include:

  • birth certificate
  • marriage certificate
  • divorce certificate
  • death certificate
  • certificate of naturalisation
  • drivers licence
  • school certificate
  • course completion diploma
  • university degree diploma
  • university transcript of academic records
  • national archives documents
  • any other documents required by DIMIA, DFAT, immigration or Polish Consulate

Other translations may involve:

  • technical specifications
  • operator’s manuals
  • lectures
  • editorials
  • articles
  • presentations
  • conference papers
  • memoirs
  • court orders
  • police reports
  • doctor’s certificates
  • websites
  • legal statements
  • the Last Will
  • Power of Attorney
  • agreements
  • business letters
  • insurance documentation
  • video transcripts
  • community announcements
  • fact sheets
  • and other

Interpreting services:
These are particularly useful in consultations with legal practitioners and preparation of the Last Will or Power of Attorney





Marek Grzelinski is a member of NAATI,

What is NAATI

NAATI (National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters) establishes and monitors professional standards for translators and interpreters in Australia.

What is NAATI certification

NAATI certification is the only credential officially accepted for the profession of translation and interpreting in Australia. All government translation and interpreting services require translators and interpreters to be NAATI certified.
NAATI certification has been instrumental in providing quality assurance to recipients of translation and interpreting services and to giving credibility to agencies that employ certified practitioners.

Marek's certification level

Marek Grzelinski carries NAATI Certification Level 3 – Professional.


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My name is Marek Grzelinski.

  I was born in Poland where I gained my Master’s Degree in economics, foreign trade specialisation. My native language is therefore Polish. Since early years I have shown keen interest in foreign languages and have learnt English, Russian and French in which I became a fluent speaker. I have worked in a number if industries ranging from sports goods through agricultural machinery to medical products, always in the export field which involved worldwide international travelling, business negotiations, closing sales transactions, appointing distributors and drafting sales, agency and joint venture contracts with overseas clients and partners.
My working career – which started in Poland – continued in Australia where I have lived since 1981 and worked mainly as Export Manager for an international medical company and later as Director of Sales and Marketing in their Indonesian branch in Jakarta. Later on, my experience was broadened by my involvement in community work as Aged Services Manager for Australian-Polish Community Services. Throughout all these years English has been my everyday language and in 1994 I gained a NAATI Level 3 accreditation of a Professional Translator and Interpreter in the English and Polish Languages. I have since practiced as a translator and interpreter and in 2002 I became fully committed to this profession. I can therefore say that my translating and interpreting experience, which started over 30 years ago has become my second nature. Now, as a full time freelance translator and interpreter, I specialise in legal, medical, technical, scientific and business translations. I also assist in applying for Polish citizenship and Polish passport, as well as for Australian residency. In my translations of documents, I use the official NAATI seal recognised by all Australian Government departments, administrative authorities and the Polish Consulate.


Over the years I have succeeded in establishing close working relationships with leading Australian translating agencies in all state capital cities of Australia. They include:

  1. in MELBOURNE: Straker Translations, Melbourne Translation, All Graduates Interpreting & Translating Services, CALD Group, Centre for Cultural Diversity and Aging, Connect Language Services, CLC Corporate Language Communications, Connect Language Service, CTC Commercial Translation Centre, eTranslate, Gam Production Team, Hamilton Watts Migration Services, International Interpreting Agency, Language Australis, Language Connect, Linguistico, LOTE Marketing, Medico-Legal Communications, On Call Conference Interpreters International, Polaron, Polyprint, Professional Interpreting Centre, Rouel’s & City Studio of Languages, SBS Radio, TIS Translating & Interpreting Service, Translationz, VITS Victorian Interpreting & Translating Services,
  2. in SYDNEY: Sydney Translation, AADAKE Australian Institute of Modern Languages, Across Translation, All Language Typesetters & Printers, ATL Associated Translators and Linguists, Centrelink, Community Relations Commission, Conference Interpreter Services, Elanex,  Global Village Translations, Health Language Services, Language Professionals, Lexxicorp, Linguistico, Polyglot, Precision Languages International, SBS Language Services, Speak Your Language, SSWAHS, T&T Interpreting Services,
  3. in ADELAIDE: ABC International, ITC Interpreting and Translating Centre,
  4. in PERTH: Translation House, Translators International, Western Australian Translation services,
  5. in BRISBANE: Absolute Translations, Australian Multilingual Services, Institute of Modern Languages, Multimedia Languages, QITS Queensland Interpreting & Translating Service, The University of Queensland,
  6. in DARWIN: ITSNT Interpreting & Translating Service NT,
  7. in HOBART: Amigos Translate.

The list of clients is not limited to agencies. There is a growing number of direct clients including legal firms, universities, migration agents, business firms, medical professionals and many individuals.
My client base is not restricted to Australia. I maintain close relationship with UK and US based clients, such as Language Line Services, Transperfect, Elanex and Applied Language Solutions – to name a few.
There is a growing number of new clients every year, whilst long established relationships are cherished and always given my closest attention.




Application for recognition of Polish citizenship and then applying for Polish passport can be an arduous process requiring not only translation of Australian documents into Polish, but also a good understanding of the whole procedure: where to obtain the necessary documents, which documents require The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Apostille and how to make sure that the whole set of application documents is complete. Any omissions or mistakes may prolong the already lengthy process and therefore my free advice and guidance often prove most valuable and appreciated, whilst NAATI seal – essential.


Similarly, individuals striving to obtain Australian permanent residency need some Polish documents translated into English, again – with the NAATI seal. RECOGNITION OF OVERSEAS QUALIFICATIONS Securing a placement in Australian tertiary educational institutions or applying for a better job usually require a very precise translation of educational records from Poland, which needs to be done with a good understanding of specialist terminology such as legal, financial, accounting, marketing, medical, technical and trade. It is also mandatory that the translation bears the NAATI seal.


Securing a placement in Australian tertiary educational institutions or applying for a better job usually require a very precise translation of educational records from Poland, which needs to be done with a good understanding of specialist terminology such as legal, financial, accounting, marketing, medical, technical and trade. It is also mandatory that the translation bears the NAATI seal.


My works include translations of Government publications which were printed in thousands of copies, sometimes delivered to every household in Australia, such as the campaign booklets “Be Alert, Not Alarmed” and “Violence against Women. Australia Says: NO”, Government Census forms or the Official Guide for Federal Elections. I have also translated several University research papers as well as technical manuals for Phillip Morris, Orica and TNA.


I have been fortunate enough to be an interpreter for Australian Parliamentary and Government officials including Hon. Paul Calvert, President of the Senate, Hon. David Hawker MP, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon. Alexander Downer MP, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Hon. Kevin Andrews MP, Minister for Immigration and Citizenship. I have participated as an official interpreter in negotiations of the Social Security Agreement between Australia and Poland. I have also interpreted in talks involving high-ranking Polish and Australian officials on other occasions, for instance in negotiations of Polish-Australian Agreement on Social Security between ZUS and Centrelink, assisted in communications of a delegation from Astra-Zeneca Poland and acted as an interpreter in some high profile court cases.



Opinions from our extremely satisfied customers!



Dear Marek, Just letting you know that I received the translation and also that your service has been wonderful. I appreciate the efficiency and the professionalism that you apply to your business.

Joy C QUINONESPrincipal Solicitor
Roberto Musitano

ABC International Pty Ltd

You have done a wonderful job. It is always a pleasure to receive your translations. Thank you for the hard work and always early delivery.

Roberto MusitanoTranslations Coordinator


Herman Bugeja


Excellent! So fast! Thank you very much Marek, we will pass on your contact details to others if required.

Herman BugejaInformation Department
Katie Sherman

Ernst & Young

 Thank you so very much for all your assistance. Your service has been impeccable from the beginning and I am very lucky to have your support and assistance. THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your assistance to date.

Katie ShermanNational Administrator
Anna Jenman

The University of Queensland

Thanks for these, brilliant work and such a quick turnaround.

Anna JenmanInstitute of Modern Languages


Thank you so much, always returning excellent and prompt work. Very impressive and heaps appreciated. It’s such a relief not to have to chase up translations. You get the work back before we even get a chance to email it out.

VickiHappy customer

Standards of services

quality, fast, accurate, on time, confidential, price competitive, interpreting


As a NAATI (National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters) certified translator interpreter (3rd level – professional), I am bound by the AUSIT Code of Ethics, which requires from me:

  • professional conduct
  • confidentiality
  • competence
  • impartiality, and
  • accuracy

All projects are handled in strict confidentiality, and performed in accordance the Code of Ethics of the Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators (AUSIT).

Because I carry out all work personally, the quality of my translation and interpreting is of the highest possible standard


There is no surcharge for an urgent translation, which – if necessary – can be completed the same day, unless it is quite large or complex. Orders can be taken on line and responded to by email instantly, meaning that a client from Perth or Sydney can have his translation within hours from the enquiry. Standard certified documents can even be done on the spot, if required.


Special attention paid to accuracy at all times. Every translation is checked for errors and omissions before it is submitted to the client.


Timely completion of translation is guaranteed once the deadline has been agreed.


The content of any and all documents entrusted to me, as well as any conversations is kept totally confidential.


The fees are reasonable, and depend on the type and size of the project, as well as the level of complexity, layout and format requirements.


Many years’ experience in interpreting for a wide range of clients in great variety of situations taught me the importance of accuracy, quick reaction, clear articulation, terminology and style in each subject and sensitivity to issues and people involved. But most important of all is the confidence the client can rely on in my ethical standards






The fees are reasonable, and depend on the type and size of the project, as well as the level of complexity, layout and format requirements.

To obtain a quotation:
please call number: 0417 140 756
or email your enquiry to: marek@polishtranslator.com.au

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